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Which Working Groups Are Part of IEEE 802?

ieeeAccording to the IEEE, the following working groups are active under 802.

  • 802.1: This working group is concerned with higher layer protocols and link security.
  • 802.3: This working group concerns itself with Ethernet networks. This is a broad working group. Ethernet is always evolving in terms of data transmission rates, so there are multiple standards handled under this working group.
  • 802.11: This working group covers Wi-Fi LAN networks. Statements of conformity to these standards are usually printed on the side of Wi-Fi devices to indicate their compatibility.
  • 802.15 This working group converts Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN).
  • 802.16: This working group works with broadband wireless access.
  • 802.18; This is the radio regulatory working group.
  • 802.19: This working group is titled the Wireless Coexistence working group, which develops wireless standards for unlicensed devices. This group words to ensure that equipment can function together without interference or degrading one another’s performance.
  • 802.21: This is the Media Independent Handover Services group.
  • 802.22: This working group covers wireless regional area networks.
  • SG ECSG: This group works to address concerns related to using 802 technologies in a smart grid.